Who is Michael Shapiro?

Hi, I’m Michael Shapiro, the founder of Imma therapy. I’m a New York State licensed, and nationally board certified Acupuncture therapist, Massage Therapist, Movement therapist, and Structural Integration practitioner.

Michael's Story

My inspiration for studying the healing arts, started with the desire to help my mother with her fibromyalgia, and my grandmother with her arthritis. The name “IMMA” is an acronym for Integrative Medical Massage & Acupuncture but it also means mother in Hebrew, a term I closely relate to the concept of source energy.

Growing up I was active in extreme sports from a young age, skateboarding, bmx, and trail riding. My active lifestyle and a few bad automobile accidents led me to my share of injuries. Through rehabilitation practices I was introduced to therapeutic touch and movement.  A blessing in disguise, these injuries led me to a lifestyle of more nutritious movement.                                           

Nutritious movement has become a passion of mine, for it involves taking an integrative approach to my health, and life style.  

This integrative approach is about working with and acknowledging biological, and psychological traits and belief systems, social factors, and my spiritual path.

The bio/psycho/social practice model is a sophisticated way to holistically know, and explain a human being, in a scientifically validated fashion, acknowledging that the mind, body, and spirit are one.

Currently, I live in Astoria, NY, and practice between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in Union Square, Manhattan. In addition to my private practice, I’m also a per-diem integrative medicine fellow, practicing acupuncture at Mount Sinai-Beth Israel. 

Although it might sound like it, work’s not all I do! My studies are a big focus in my life.  I am working on my PhD of mind-body medicine, specializing in healthcare systems leadership at Saybrook University.  In addition, the thousands of hours I’ve invested in post-graduate education, have granted me the resources to be the best I can be.

To be the best I can be, it requires some down time. My favorite way to de-stress is through drumming! It has served me well over the past 17 years of playing, it has taught me to listen, the importance of timing, and has demonstrated the power of healing and communication through vibration. I also have many interesting interests! A few I’d like to mention, are experiencing the arts, New York City culture, futurism/transhumanism, reading, healthy living, meditation, skateboarding, swimming, yoga, biking… As I had mentioned earlier nutritious movement is a passion of mine, whenever I have a free moment, you might catch me in a deep squat, or hanging around (literally)! 

The Mission

I’m dedicated to helping you, by offering an evidence based, scientifically validated practice, while drawing from ancient wisdom, to elevate your health, consciousness, and potential. The change occurs by means of education, touch, movement and acupuncture therapy, providing you the resources, and power to fully express your mind, body, and spirit in this life.

The Work

The manual work is deep, yet gentle.

The acupuncture elevates your potential, while keeping you grounded.

The movement work is powerful, and yet simple.

I keep the evaluation and assessment based in science, and your treatment as my expression of attending to your whole self, the mind, body, and spirit.

Together, we work towards healing, transformation and transcendence.

My work is a fusion of many healing practices and influences: Taoism, sacred geometry, Rolfing®, Shamanism, NLP & Ericksonian hypnosis, yoga & continuum®, & beyond

My online booker simplifies things, I have categorized my work as:

-Integration therapy: It’s a wholistic approach to healing, sessions consist of Source Point®, consultation, manual, movement & acupuncture therapies.

-Manual therapy: Rolf bodywork, Lymph Drainage, Active release. 

 These modalities improve posture and function, they offer freedom from pain and swelling.

-Acupuncture therapy: Sports, Orthopedic, Japanese, Balance Method, Source Point®

An intuitive, yet scientific based approach, allows me to combine the ancient art and modern science. 

 – Movement therapy: Corrective exercise, neuromyofascial conditioning.

Based off an SFMA/FMS screening, you are coached through therapeutic movements to restore function and resiliency.


New York State Licensed, Acupuncture therapist (LAT), and Massage therapist (LMT)   

Integrative medicine fellow – Acupuncture Therapy, Mount Sinai – Beth Israel

New York College of Health Professions

-Masters of Science, east Asian medicine – MS

-Bachelors of Professional Studies – BPS

-Associates of Occupational Studies – AOS  

Kinesis Myofascial Institute (KMI)

– Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI)

Norton School of Lymphedema Therapy

-Certified Lymphedema therapist (Vodder technique) (CLT)

National Academy of Sports Medicine

– Personal Trainer (CPT)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

I am also formally trained in:

– Anatomy in Motion

– Sports Medicine Acupuncture

– Neurokinetic Therapy

– Kinesio Taping

– Active Isolated Stretching

– Active Release therapy

– Nerve mobilization

– CranioSacral Therapy

– Visceral Manipulation

I am an active member of these professional organizations:

– American Massage Therapy Association

– National Certification Commision for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

– American Acupuncture Council

– Acupuncture Society of New York

– International Association of Structural Integrators

I’d like to give thanks, and express my gratitude to my teachers, mentors, patients, colleagues, friends, and family.

All of the continued support, and resources shared with me, have granted me the ability to be the person I am today.

© 2009 – 2017 Michael Shapiro MS, LAT, LMT-BCSI, CLT, CES. Imma Therapy. All Rights Reserved.

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