Meet Michael Shapiro MS, LAT, LMT-BCSI, CLT, CES

Hi, I’m Michael Shapiro, the founder of Integrative Medical Massage & Acupuncture Therapy PC.

IMMA offers effective methods for upgrading your mind, body, and spirit. This is done with holistic therapies and health-style coaching which increase performance and vitality.

By decreasing stress, while increasing mobility & body consciousness, we create an internal environment for aging more gracefully, with freedom from pain, and swelling.

There is a 100% guarantee of a healing experience – to be listened to and to upgrade function.


Margarita K. Testimonial
“I had been curious to try Rolfing or structural integration for a long time and I am so thrilled I found Michael as a practitioner. He is so careful, thoughtful, and methodical. I had some initial trepidation about the pain involved from receiving structural integration but he was so gentle and checked in with me during the entire process and followed up with me via email and on the phone to see how my body was doing after the sessions. It is clear that he has a passion for the craft of movement therapy. There is an initial intake on what the current issues are. In addition, he is also incredibly observant on how the patterns and posture of the body are holding tension. It is from there that he works on the body slowly and deeply to free up these holding patterns. He explains what he is doing as he doing it and gives visuals to help you understand how the anatomy, muscles, and fascia are interacting with each other. After my first session with him, my mind felt incredibly clear and calm. I also felt freer in my body movements. He gave me a few exercises to do at home to continue the process of healing and freeing up my body through movement. Like other reviewers have mentioned, he is an excellent listener and very kind. I highly recommend him!”
Daniel S. Testimonial

“I recently had a session with Michael and was left feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. This was the first time i’d had a deep tissue/ structural integration massage and didn’t know what to expect, but Michael’s professionalism put me at ease. He focused on a few problem areas and was happy to walk me through exactly what he was doing and why it would help with mobility. The Rolfing was not painful and every motion was purposeful. When the session was over, he showed me a few exercises I should start doing at home.
I look forward to scheduling another appointment and would love to try acupuncture; another one of his specialties.”

Nerijus B. Testimonial
“Michael Shapiro is awesome! He is extremely knowledgeable, caring, invested in his patients and exudes kindness and zen. I am a trainer and an athlete and have worked with many body workers throughout my 20 year experience. Michael’s attention to detail and the scope of his knowledge really stand out. I also admire how much he is constantly learning and growing. That is why I happily send any of my friends or students to this practice. I know that they will be well taken care of and learn a lot about their body. Thank you Michael for your healing”
Jessica T. Testimonial

“Michael has worked absolute wonders for me. I am able to side plank with out collapsing for the first time in ages.
The aching in my shoulder is gone, and overall I feel so Much better. Really looking forward to future sessions! Thank you!”

Lynne L. Testimonial
“Michael is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and a real “healer”. He understands so much about the body, due to the fact that he is continually studying and striving to learn more about it. I have numerous injuries and a genetic skeletal deformity, yet I always leave my sessions with Michael feeling 1000% better.”
Adam W. Testimonial
“I recently had a session with Michael and was very impressed. His communication was effective and thorough. He has studied a wide range of healing modalities which gives him many tools to assess and treat various ailments. He gave me useful information and exercises to do on my own which allows me to take some ownership of my own healing. Michael is dedicated and passionate about his work. I certainly recommend him.”

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