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100% Guarantee of a Healing Experience – To Be Listened To and To Upgrade Function.

Dedicated to helping you upgrade through an evidence-based practice, drawing from ancient wisdom, to elevate human potential, consciousness, and health.
In all sessions Michael facilitates change and your personal evolution using education, touch, movement and acupuncture therapy, providing you the power to fully express your mind, body, and spirit in this life.
“I’m passionate about the process of personal evolution. I believe that there is no way to fix another person, only ways to help them upgrade. When you focus on performance enhancement healing is a byproduct of you becoming a better version of yourself.” Michael Shapiro, CEO IMMA

Our Offerings

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Acupuncture Therapy

Pain + Rehab = Electro-Acupuncture

Mind + Body Integration = Celestial Acupuncture

Integration Sessions

Our signature offering. A sophisticated blend of manual, movement, acupuncture, and mindfulness techniques to optimize function and align the body + mind.

Mindfulness Therapy

Hypnosis, NLP, Guided Meditation, Somatic Movement Education

Why Choose Us

Customized Sessions for Everyone

Every session in every program is tailored to help you move and feel your best. We don’t do maintenance work – the idea isn’t to maintain you where you’re at. What we are going for is to get you to be the best you can be. Utilizing custom goal-oriented programs there is a clear beginning, middle, and end with results show during and long after the series of sessions are completed.


The Best of Mind-Body Integration


Feel younger, lighter, empowered, and invigorated.

Strength Building

Build resilience and develop adaptability to take on the challenges of life.

Stress Relief

Alleviate chronic patterns of physical stress stored in the body and discharge the negative energetic patterns associated.

Relax & Refresh

Free of stress and tension, feel ease and restoration.

Beauty of Body

Cultivate power and grace. Improve your body image as you refine your posture and movement habits. Rejuvenate your body and mind.

Mind & Soul

Cultivate presence and the inner resources that allow you reach your full potential and perform in every aspect of life at your best.

Expert therapist, coach, + Consultant

Meet Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro

Michael Shapiro

Founder of IMMA

A visionary facilitator of healing and mind-body optimization.

Michael Shapiro has been studying and practicing therapeutic touch and movement modalities for over ten years. He is licensed in NY state as an acupuncturist and massage therapist. With 1000+ hours of continuing education and post-graduate studies, he brings his knowledge and experience of working with client’s bodies, minds, and spirits into a practice he identifies as integration therapy.
When human being’s experience chronic stress and pain, it is not uncommon for their bodies to become desensitized. Michael’s passion is facilitating healing to people who are ready to take their lives to a better place with poise, power, and grace. He helps his clients work through their blind spots so they can grow, heal, and feel integrated.
Of Michael’s 1000+ hours of advanced training, he has studied and apprenticed with some of the world’s most renowned teachers in the world of touch and acupuncture therapies. With Tom Myers, he studied Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, Aaron Mattes in active isolated stretching, Steve Norton in manual lymph drainage, Sensei Atsuki Maeda in Japanese acupuncture, Matt Callison in sports acupuncture, and Arya Nielsen in the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel specializing in acupuncture and gua sha. In addition to these experiences, Michael also has formal training in cranial, visceral, and neural therapies, as well as neurological-linguistic-programming. Currently, Michael is working on his Ph.D. at Saybrook University in healthcare systems organizational management, while pursuing his training in hypnosis.


What People Are Saying

“Michael Shapiro is awesome! He is extremely knowledgeable, caring, invested in his patients and exudes kindness and zen.  I am a trainer and an athlete and have worked with many body workers throughout my 20 year experience.  Michael’s attention to detail and the scope of his knowledge really stand out.  I also admire how much he is constantly learning and growing.  That is why I happily send any of my friends or students to this practice.  I know that they will be well taken care of and learn a lot about their body. Thank you Michael for your healing” Nerijus B.

Founder + Coach, Train P3

“IMMA is a fantastic resource for integrative healing. Michael has very positive energy and is an expert at what he does. As well he gives you the tools to continue rehabilitating yourself on your own. I suffered from severe tendon issues last year which Michael was able to treat with just a few techniques. It’s like magic!” Aimee D.

Professional Dancer

I’m so glad I found Michael to help work with me on my structure and alignment. As another health care professional, I found him incredibly knowledgable in explaining why, what to do to prevent, and exercises. I became more aware of my own movement and health, as he is able to utilize multiple therapies to help coax the body to where it needs to go. He is kind, compassionate, and very much understands all parts (e.g. mental, emotional, and physical) aspects of healing. Serena G.

Integrative Physician

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